Wirebutt Welding Machine


MATERIALS TD BE WELDED   Iron and Steel Alloyed Steel & Carbon Steel Copper, Brass Aluminium Copper, Brass Aluminium
WELDING RANGE- WIRE DIA. (APPHOX) (a) Steel with less Ihon O.5%C unalloyed (mrn) 2-8 2-8 1 - 5 3-8
(b) Steel with 0.5 - 1%C alloyed (mm) ... 2-8 ... ...
(c) Copper (mm) values 2·3 ... 1 -4 2.5-6
(d) Aluminium light melal (mrn) alloyed 3-5 ... 1.5-6 4-7

Welding Process: The welding operation of these machines is automatic and all settings are easily effected. The electrode spacing is adjusted on a lever set against a plate calibrated for wire diameter, the upsetting pressure is adjusted by means of a dial calibrated for wire diameter, and the welding current is selected by a rotary switch.

The wires to be joined should first be cut straight, exactly at right angles and free from burrs. The wire ends are then rigidly clamped by spring loaded clamping devices which can be opened singly or together by foot pedals. Both the hands of the operator are free for inserting the wires. Releasing the foot pedals leaves the wires clamped under adequate pressure. By depressing a push button, the welding cycle is initiated and completed automatically by built-in controls.
Weld completed, the job is declamped and annealed if necessary, in the separate annealing electrodes provided.


TYPE: Automatic Wire Butt Welding Machine type WBW, designed as portable models on moveable trolley stand, with spring loaded clamping devices, and foot pedal release.

CONSTRUCTION: Main body, housing the welding transformer, fixed and moveable platens, constructed from light alloy.

UPSET TRAVEL:Moveable platen travel on two parallel guides of precision design and construction, ensuring accurate and frictionless travel and perfect alignment of the weld.

UPSET PRESSURE: Provided by precision spring, acting on the movable platen.

CLAMPS: Spring loaded copper alloy clamps, of precision quick acting design ensure firm preset clamping pressure. Each clamp is released by individual foot pedal.

ELECTRODES: Special wear resisting copper alloy electrodes provided with precision V-grooves for different wire sizes permit rapid and accurate alignment of wires.

ADJUSTMENT OF WELDING CURRENT: Rotary switch, mounted on side permits, easy manipulation of the welding current from 50% - 100% .in 6 steps.

VARIATION OF INITIAL UPSET GAP: Obtained by the adjustment of a level set against a calibrated plate mounted on the moveable platen.

ADJUSTMENT OF UPSET PRESSURE: Obtained by means of an adjustable calibrated dial mounted on the fixed platen.

WELD CURRENT INITIATION AND CUT OFF:  Automatic, current m~ke and break via magnetic, contactor, incorporated. Current initiation effected by a manual push button fitted on one side of the fixed platen and current cut off effected automatically in relation to the preset upsetting distance.

ANNEALING FACILITY: Separate annealing electrodes for annealing of the welded wire provided.

TROLLEY TYPE STAND: Each machine is mounted on a wheeled trolley type stand provided with brakes



Type of Machine WBW-28 WBW-28-C WBW-14 WBW-256
ELECTRICAL DATA(a) Input Volts 400 400 400 400
(b) Frequency 50 50 50 50
(cl Phase 1 1 1 1
(d) Max. Rating-KVA 5 8 12 20
(e) Duty cycle at Max. Rating 2% O.73% 0.56% 0.45%
(f) Fuse Rating (Amps) 10 10 15 15
OVERALL DiMENSIONS OF MACHINE WITH MOVEABLE STAND (Length, Widthx Height) 900 X 675 X 1200 mm for all Types


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