Bandsaw Blade Butt Welder


Model Job Width Capacity Grinder Weight Dimensions Input Voltage Maxi mum Current Duty Cycle
BBW- 325 Band saw Blades 3mm to 25mm 1/8" to 1" 3KVA (Nominal) 0.12 KVA 25 Ks.(Nett.) 35 Kg. (Gross) 275x235 x225mm 230 V. 50 cycles 13 Amps 2%
BBW- 535 Band saw Blades 5-35mm 1/4" to 1 1/2" 5KVA (Nominal) 0.12 KVA 28 Ks, (Nett,) 37 Kg. (Gross) 275x255 x225mm 230 V. 50 cycles 18 Amps 2%

with annealing device, shearing and grinding attachments


Model Material Weldable Welding Range Dia. Capacity Grinder Weight
WBW-15 Iron & Steel Copper Aluminium 0.8-5.0 mm 1.0 3.0 mm 1.5 3.0 mm 3 KVA (Nominal) 0.12 KVA 25 Kgs (Nett) 35 Kgs (Gross)

Model Dimensions Input Voltage Maxi-Mum Current Duty Cycle
WBW-15 275x235x225mm 230V 50 cycles 13 Amps 2%

WELDING PROCESS : On pilot Butt Welding Equipment, the saw blade or wire ends are cut straight, exactly at right angles and free of burrs,on special shearing attachment available. Welding current, upsetting pressure and upsetting way are set according to the blade width, the blade ends being rigidly clamped by special quick acting clamps provided on the machine. By depressing the welding lever the automatic welding cycle begins. The two ends are heated up to forging temperature in a few seconds and then automatically forged (upset). At this instant, the welding current switches off automatically. The job is declamped and the weld completed.

ANNEALING ATTACHMENT : The upsetting way switch lever is now turned to annealing and the job is again clamped securely with extended jaw distance which comes in automatically flipping the lever to anneaiing positiofl. By pressing the annealing switch on which two heat positions are provided, the job is annealed, in order to normalize the brittleness in the welded zone. Depending upon the type of material, the annealing process must be repeated several times if need be.

PRECISION WELDING : Minute precision control is ensured by the use of latest control devices The moveable jaws run on precision ball type guides which reduce friction to almost nothing and ensure utmost welding accuracy.

SHEARING ATTACHMENT : Special shears with arrangements for mounting on the front of the machine are available as an accessory.

GRINDING ATTACHMENT : Grinding Attachment is available as an accessory, mounted on the top of the machine, and is necessary for removing the
welding fiash.

RESEARCH & EXPERIENCE : Much research has gone into perfecting these Butt Welding Machines to give optimum performance.

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