Seam Welding Machine

Seam Welding Machines described in this publication are the result of many years of research & development and incorporate all 1I1e bene','its of the Company's many years of experience in the field of weldinQ. Tile machines are precision built and only the higllest grade materials are employed in the construction and a long trouble free service is assured.

The machines can be successfully used for seam welding a variety of materials including Mild and Stainless Steel, Aluminium, GalviniseOSteei, Tin Plate, etc. for all types of Drums, Barrels, Cans, llns, Transformers-Radiators, Fuel Tanks, Mufflers, Utensils, Small Pipes etc.

CONSTRUCTION: Sturdy, all welded steel plate fabrication, suitable braced and stiffened at points of stress, Transformer filted inside the body and upper electrode arm mounted direclty on to the body. Standardised construction to provide definile interchangeability of parts.

WELDING TRANSFORMER: Transformer of special type, conforming only to international standards applicable to this class of Transformers. Water cooled having core of high grade electrical steel, primary and secondary coils of solid electroytic copper of ample section, heavy duty class 'F' insulated and vaccum impregnated, suitable for withstanding continuosly a temperature of 1550 C.

CURRENT CONTROL BY TRANSFORMER TAPS: Transformer Primary coil provided willl taps brought out to tap change links for adjustment of
welding current in 8 steps from 55-100% Tap change links enclosed bellind maclline door.

ELECTRODE CONTROL SYSTEM: Upper ram of precision low inertia anti friction type provided with wear compensating features and actuated via a quick follow device by a heavy duty 2 way pneumatic cyclinder, controlled by an electrically operated solenoid valve, Compressed air at 15 to 110 p.s.i. acting on the pneumatic cylinder provides the necessary electrode force.

ADJUSTMENT OF ELECTRODE FORCE: By Air Pressure Regulating Valve provided on the Machine.

ELECTRODES : Circular Disc type Top and Bottom welding Wheels of diameter as specified, having easily detachable Iype bearings to facilitate replacement. One pair of Welding Wlleels supplied with the machine.

ELECRODE DRIVE: Variable speed, Reversible Gear Drive provided on Top/Bottom as required. Drive power from a built in 230 Volt, 1 Phase, PMDC Motor, through variable speed reduction gearing to provide smooth and stepless variation of the weldin 'speed as specified.

ELECTRONIC CONTROL: Thyristrorised having latest technology, consisting of Sequence Timers, such as Squeeze, Weld-cool, Hold, Heat Control Unit.


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