CNC Lathe

Standard Configuration:

  • GSK928TEII CNC System, GSK Servo
  • Feeding Motor and Driver
  • Precise Ball Screw
  • Automatic Central Lubrication System
  • Frequency Conversion(Stepless)
  • Full-enclosed Cover
  • Coolant System
  • Manual Tailstock

Optional Configuration:

  • GSK980TDa, KND K1Ti, K1OOT, SIEMENS 801C/8010/802S, FANUC Oi mate TC/TD.
  • Hydraulic Chuck(Hollow or Solid)
  • Pneumatic Tailstock
  • Gang Tool Carriage


ITEM Unit Parameter
Max. Swing Dia. over Bed mm 300
Max. Swing Dia. over Slide mm Electic Tool Turret 1140/Gang Tool Carriage 80
Max. Distance between Centers mm 300
Spindle Speed r/min 100-2500
Spindle Taper   40°
Spindle Bore mm 38
Main Motor Power kW 3
Max. Travel of X Axes mm 150
Max. Travel of Z Axes mm 300
Max. Moving Speed of XAxes mm/min 6000
Max. Moving Soeed of ZAxes mm/min 8000
No.of Tools   4
Tool Shank Size mm*mm 15x15
Max. Travel of Tailstock Sleeve mm 80
Taper ofTailstock Sleeve   MT3#
Power of Coolant Pump W 90
Flux of Coolant Pump l/min 25
Overall Dimension(l*W*H) mm*mm*mm 1300(L) x1050(W) x 1800(H)
Net Weight Kg 1000


Metal Working Machinery