Universal Gap Bed Lathe


  • High rigidity spindle system, with absolute temperature rising no higher than 35 t.
  • Reliable safely devices such 3& footbrake and emergency power-off switch are assembled. Adjustable overload protection device is also installed in the feed system.
  • Rapid feed system to Improve efliciency. Wide range of feed and pitch are available withoutchanging gears.
  • The bed way is made of high-quality cast-iron and induction-hardened. Hardness is around HAC 55.
  • Tailslock are equipped with double-locked mechanism, smooth and effortless movement isrealized through the underneath elastic scroll devices.


Specification / Model CY6250B CY6266B
Swing over bed 500mm 660mm
Swing over cross slide 300mm 380mm
Swing in gap 710mm 830mm
Width of gap 240mm
Width of bed 390mm
Lenglh of work piece (max) 750, 1000,2000,3000mm
Spindle nose D8
Taper of spindle center 1 :20
Spindle bore diameter 82mm
Spindle speed 9-1600rpm
Max. output torque of spindle 1470N.m
Range of longitudinal feed 0.028-6.43mm/rev
Range of transverse feed 0.12-2.73mm/rev
Lead screw pitch 12mm(metric system) 2TPI (inch system)
Lead screw diameter 40mm
Metric threads 1-224mm (48 pitches)
Inch threads 72- 1/8TPI (48 pitches)
Module Ihreads 0.5-112mm (42 pitches)
Diameter pitch threads 56-1/4DP (45 pitches)
Cross slide travel(max.) 320mm 350mm
Top slide travel(max.) 145mm 170mm
Longitudinal rapid traveling speed 4.5m/min (50HZ)
Transversal rapid traveling speed 1.9m/min (50HZ)
Sleeve diameter 75mm
Morse taper of sleeve M5
Max. traveling of sleeve 150mm
Main drive motor 7.5kw, 11 kw(optional)
Rapid travel motor 250w
Coolant pump motor 90w

Standard accessories:

250mm 3-jaw chuck, 400mm 4-jaw chuck, 630mm Face plate, 250mm Drive plate, 20-130mm Steady rest, 20-BOIllIll Follow rest, Thread chasing dial, 5# live center, Center, Center sleeve, Chip guard, Coolant system, Illuminating system, Foot brake, Operation manual, Full set of wrench and screw driver, Foundation bolts.

Optional accessories:

Taper turning attachment (TTA) ,Micro stop for saddle, 4-position stop for saddle, 4-position for cross slide, Quick change tool post, Halogen work lamp, Damping washer, Digital readout (DRO), CE standard compliance.

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