Slotting Machine - 300



  • All main parIs such as machine body, saddle and machine base are provided with heavy and slurdy design 10 give higher rigidity of the machine.
  • All hand wheels, clutch lever and switches conveniently grouped ot the front of the machine for convenient operation of lhe machine.
  • All working components of Ihe machine are lubricated by Independent lubrication system.
  • Work tabIe, slide ways and Strew have deviced with telescopic cover and centralized lubricating system to prolong the life of the mochine.
  • The ram is well ribbed and is the ram quit sturdy. An adjustable taper gib has been provided 10 compensate for wear in Ihe ram guides. The ram con be tilted by 5degrees.
  • A Mechanical clutch is provided in the machine, which enable the operator to stop/change the gears, at any time and position even when the machine is in motion.
  • The rotary table is accurately indexed at 360 degree mounted on compound slide, giving longitudinal and cross movement.


Complele deviding head with rotary table, One set of complete tool holder, One handle for stroke adjustment, Vee-belts guards, One railing set for electric motor.


Self centring chuck, Chuck back plate, Lubrication system, Electric motor, Starter, Machine bellows, Set of sIotting bars, Special ratchets, Vee bolts, M/C lamp.


Tilting head assy, Rapid feed for cross & long. Movement, Auta tool lifting.



Maximum Stroke of Ram mm 150 250 300
Rotary Table Area mm 275 375 500
Cross Travel of the Table mm 240 280 310
Longitudinal Travel of the Table mm 240 280 310
Cutting Speed of Ram p/min. 64-90 32-50 26-36
Adjustment of Ram mm 180 225 230
Indexing Ratio - 1:40 1:40 1:40
Tilting Angle of Ram deg. 5 degree 5 degree 5 degree
No. of Ram Speed Nos. 2-3 2-3 2-3
Distance from Toble Top to body Guides lower end mm 350 425 475
Distance from Tool Holder face to body (Over hang) mm 280 330 380
Main Drive Motor H.P. 1.5 2 3
Net weight of Machine kgs. 900 1200 1800
Gross Weight of Machine kgs. 1050 1400 2050
Length x Width x Height of Machine mm 1180x870x1660 1330x950x1860 1500x1050x1960
Length x Width x Height of Packing case mm 1250x940x1830 1400x1020x2030 1570x1120x2130

Technical specification of heavy duty models (PMS-300B, PMS-400, PMS-450, PMS-5OO) also available on reqest.

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