Automatic Crank Type High Speed


CONSTRUCTION: ALLIED Panel Pin & Wire Nails Making Machines Crank type are made from high grade casting and steel machines ensure perfect sturdy construction and long life.

DRIVE: Three shafts design has been adopted to ensure efficient smooth working. The main crank is direct operated by motor. The side shafts are driven by four bevel gears, which operate cutting tools. The separate shafts for cutting ensure correct adjustment of tools.

BEARING: Main Crank & side shafts are fitted with special gun metal Bushes to ensure long life. All the Bushes & lubricating Points are provided
with cup type oil reservoirs.

WORKING OF MACHINE: The wire end from coil passes through straightening rollers and fed intermittently in the gripping dies, which close firmly allowing heading. Punch to press the head of the nails, then grip loosened and required length of the nail is fed constantly, where it is cut by cutting tools leaving ample stock for the head of the next nail. Thus ready nail is ejected by the ejector. The operations are repeated in each revolution.

WIREFEED : The wire feed is obtained from main crank shafts. The desired length of nail is easy to set by adjustment bolt.

ACCESSORIES FOR THE PLANT: Grinding Machine, Polishing Drum & spare dies etc. are required.